Our Commitments



Trust is is an essential component to every aspect of our lives and forms the foundation around which all human relationships revolve. We’re committed to creating safe spaces for open communication, free of fear and judgment and full of care and compassion. We’re in this together in our shared pursuit of living out our brightest and biggest lives.



Everything we do is fuelled by connection. Being connected and accountable for our stories, where we’ve been, the choices we’ve made, and the world we’ve created for ourselves that has found us in the place we are now – in a place seeking transformation and the truest, highest expression of ourselves. We realize we are all seeking that same thing regardless of the differences in our experiences.



It’s when we are truly free that we see our dreams become action and reality. Freedom unlocks possibilities, choice, and gives us the opportunity to actively look for wholeness and fulfillment. We empower ourselves with accountability to not only see what is going on with us, but to understand and then let go. When we free ourselves from self limiting thoughts and patterns, we can become the most aware, the most grounded, centred, and confident leaders.



The process of personal and professional growth takes courage. It takes practice and a belief in the process. Tackling the unknown demands our determination, but the shift begins by being brave enough to look into the mirror and seeing and acknowledging both our light and our shadows. It begins with giving in to hope and optimism. We inspire the courage to have a cause, connect to it, share it, stand by it, and then create for it through new habits, actions, steps, goals.



Meet Rhonda

As a global Talent Leader with 25 years of experience leading HR teams across diverse industry sectors, Rhonda shifted her focus in January 2018 to build Bright Big Life, a leadership coaching and consulting practice that’s grounded in her belief that the greatest resource in an organization is the untapped potential and capacity of the people in it. Working with individuals, teams and organizations to realize the power of their full potential is her great passion.