Trusting the Process


One year ago today, I launched my business Bright Big Life. The last 365 days have stretched me, scared me, opened me up and sometimes closed me off. I’ve done some big, brave things and at times, let self doubt get in the way and played it safe. Going back to the security of the paycheck in a “real job” and the sense of belonging that I missed terribly of being in a team and leading one has been very tempting. It has been lonely and isolating and empowering, freeing and made me both stronger and wiser. I think it has also made me a better mom and wife (I should validate that with Paul 🤔). I am grateful for all of it but if I could sum it all up as to where I am today... I’d say I’m most grateful for standing in a place of peace. I’ve never felt this at home being me. 


When I launched Bright Big Life a year ago, I really didn’t know where it would lead. I had so much to learn! Who is the person I am becoming? What do I truly want? Will I enjoy the work? Which parts of it will I love most and be best at? Which parts wouldn’t I love (bookkeeping!)? Can I be happy on my own? Can I make it work financially? Where will clients come from? Do I focus on social media? Hosting retreats? Focus on women? Executives? And, and, and.... 

I don’t know the answers yet to all these questions and I’m figuring it out as I go, but rather than tightening my grip trying to control everything, I’m realizing how good it feels to trust the process.


When I recently returned home from a trip to spend time with my client (dream client!) and spent 14 hours coaching in one day, it dawned on me that although I was exhausted at the end of it, I was also completely in my element, inspired by each person I was privileged to work with and I was overcome by a powerful sense of knowing and trust in my entire being that I’m doing my life’s work. It’s a whole lot easier to “trust the process” when you’re fully aligned to your purpose and values. That’s where the magic happens and creation takes place!


As each month has gone past, things have just become more and more clear and that’s in large part because I’ve been paying a lot more attention. Attention to what and who dims my light or lights me up. I’ve made some other big changes too such as paying a lot more attention to what I put in my body and completely changing my diet. Wow, what a difference in my life that has made! And, even though there is so much that feels unknown (like that fact that we have no idea what country we will be living in a year from now - which I could let cause me a lot of anxiety), this new state of awareness I'm in has me feeling clearer and more at ease with just about everything and knowing that from this place, I truly can live my brightest, biggest life ☀️


From this new more peaceful place, I’ve decided to simplify things a little and am in the process of building a new website. Stop by today and register for updates. Hoping the full site will be live in April! You can also find me on Instagram @rhonda_bblife.


As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I’m taking a moment to celebrate my own femininity, my role as a mother to 2 amazing daughters, as a wife, daughter, sister and will be celebrating the inspiring women that are in my life and those I admire from afar. On IWD (and everyday), let’s fall in love with the process of becoming our brightest, biggest selves... and not forget that our brightest, biggest selves are made up of our sore spots, scars, our vulnerabilities together with our superpowers that give us our greatest strength.


Happy IWD 2019!