When Is the Last Time you Celebrated


I have to admit sometimes it takes a conscious effort to get myself into celebration mode. I’m not typically known as a hootin’ and hollerin’ sorta girl.  And, I’m certainly not one to toot my own horn. But, I’ve had my Woo-Hooing training wheels strapped on for quite awhile now and have personally experienced the benefits of a gratitude practice.  Gratitude and celebration for even the smallest things can transform your life.  Don’t just take it from me. Take it from Mama Oprah, Brené Brown, Arianna Huffington, the list goes on.


Here’s 3 things on my celebration list right now:

Friendship:  New friends have come into my life and have been by my side for the ups, downs and in-betweens of the the last 18 months. Our visit back to Australia was a wonderful reminder of the friendships that go the distance (literally!). And, I’m super excited to be planning a RV trip to Banff with my high school BFF and her family in July. Stay tuned for photo evidence of me in a RV. Heaven help us!  Woo hoo!

Learning: 110 hours of intense coaching training pushed me to expand my heart and mind. Putting it into practice and being able to see the powerful impact it has on my clients and on me personally has filled me with joy. I’m proud I decided to really do it and thrilled to have now completed it!

Family: My husband is a saint. Yes, he can make me crazy with his inability to have a conversation with me without cracking a joke, then laughing at his own joke (while I wait patiently for him to stop, eye roll), but ask anyone who knows him (and me!) the man truly is a saint. And, the additional time I now have to spend with Lyla and Tori is a gift.  Woot woot! 👯‍♀️


At times, this new adventure has swooped me up, caused me to feel overwhelmed, scared and a tad lonely at times. However, taking time out to celebrate the leaps forward I’ve made and a daily gratitude practice, has kept me sane (really happy actually!), focused on the future and moving forward step by step.


Celebration releases stress, it lifts your mood, motivates and energizes you. 

What we focus on and what we put our attention on determines how we feel about that particular day, about ourselves and our life as a whole. 


Go on, try 1, 2 or all of these things out:

-    Start your day and end your day by writing down three things you’re grateful for. Your list doesn't have to consist of big moments, It can be the coffee you had this morning or the laugh you had with a friend or maybe you rocked a presentation today in front of your boss. 

-    Celebrate YOU by just saying THANK YOU when people give you a compliment. Don’t be bashful or disagree. Lap it up, own it!

-    Express your gratitude to at least 1 person every single day - tell them in person if you can, send them an email, a text, surprise and delight them!


Go on, do a little hootin’ and hollerin’! It may not come naturally at first, but I promise you, you’ll notice the change.