When I started working with Rhonda my life was at crossroads both personally and professionally. I’d been thrown for a loop at what felt like every turn, and I had lost the ability to trust my gut. I couldn’t strike a balance of reality vs. the story I was telling myself, and as someone who had spent most of her life achieving goals …  I was struggling with my identity. With a background in psychology, I had tried therapy, but I still felt stuck and I knew wanted more of a push. I knew where I had been, and how all of those experiences led me to my present (and by many standards successful) life… but I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t feel fulfilled. I am thankful everyday that my desire for more lead me to Rhonda, which has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

It is not often that you can sit and become completely present with yourself and another person, and know that you are not being judged but rather heard and understood.  Beyond understanding, Rhonda equipped me with the tools and resources to deal with the challenges life had thrown my way. I went from feeling lost to being grounded in my values. My values built a core foundation, which in turn, allowed me the required vulnerability to really go after what I wanted in life! She is a real asset to my professional direction, I credit her for a recent, and nearly seamless, career transition. 


Jennifer Oberle
Store Director - Old Navy Flagship, New York, NY

Rhonda Allen