Rhonda has been one of the most significant influences in helping to truly consolidate, expand and re-direct my perspectives, personal development and strategic thinking. Rhonda has not just helped me, but transformed me.

Through my coaching conversations with Rhonda I have been able to clarify and articulate my thoughts, perceptions and actions. Navigating the political and complex environment of the working world, along with the emotional, familiar and often pressured world of personal and family scenarios can be utterly complicated. Having Rhonda to help to navigate these worlds, and understand the tools, actions and reactions has nothing but helped my career, the people I lead, and the results I can achieve. She has provided me the foundation and formation to my core value systems, and taught me how to use this value system as the navigator to my decision making.I believe that the people who pass through our lives, for how ever long or short, have a profound impact to the person we become. Rhonda is one of those people where every connection I have with her has an impact, an action or a reflection that takes my leadership, mindfulness and idea creation to another level.

Daniella Hansen
South East Asia Business Development Leader, Apple Singapore

Rhonda Allen