Rhonda has been one of the most significant influences in helping to truly consolidate, expand and re-direct my perspectives, personal development and strategic thinking. Rhonda has not just helped me, but transformed me. Through my coaching conversations with Rhonda I have been able to clarify and articulate my thoughts, perceptions and actions.

Navigating the political and complex environment of the working world, along with the emotional, familiar and often pressured world of personal and family scenarios can be utterly complicated. Having Rhonda to help to navigate these worlds, and understand the tools, actions and reactions has nothing but helped my career, the people I lead, and the results I can achieve. She has provided me the foundation and formation to my core value systems, and taught me how to use this value system as the navigator to my decision making.I believe that the people who pass through our lives, for how ever long or short, have a profound impact to the person we become.

Rhonda is one of those people where every connection I have with her has an impact, an action or a reflection that takes my leadership, mindfulness and idea creation to another level.

Daniella Hansen
South East Asia Business Development Leader, Apple 



I have worked with Rhonda for the past year and started down this path because I was taking on a new position and wanted to see if I could approach it differently and bring more of myself to the business. It has been a tremendous experience. We moved seamlessly between big picture strategic business challenges down to what motivates and drives me and how I should work with that, or manage it. Rhonda has a deep natural understanding of motivation and behaviours and a wonderful way of pulling them out and then providing tools to help move forward. Strategy, tactics and understand are a rare combination and Rhonda has helped me immensely at every level.

Ian Struthers
CEO, Promontory Financial Group Canada
Toronto, ON



When I started working with Rhonda my life was at crossroads both personally and professionally. I’d been thrown for a loop at what felt like every turn, and I had lost the ability to trust my gut. I couldn’t strike a balance of reality vs. the story I was telling myself, and as someone who had spent most of her life achieving goals … I was struggling with my identity. With a background in psychology, I had tried therapy, but I still felt stuck and I knew wanted more of a push. I knew where I had been, and how all of those experiences led me to my present (and by many standards successful) life… but I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t feel fulfilled.

I am thankful everyday that my desire for more led me to Rhonda, which has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It is not often that you can sit and become completely present with yourself and another person, and know that you are not being judged but rather heard and understood. Beyond understanding, Rhonda equipped me with the tools and resources to deal with the challenges life had thrown my way. I went from feeling lost to being grounded in my values. My values built a core foundation, which in turn, allowed me the required vulnerability to really go after what I wanted in life! Quite simply, I learned how to get out of my own way. I rewrote the story I was telling myself, and in turn, wrote a beautiful reality.

Rhonda coached me through two major life decisions and helped heal some challenging family dynamics that had been weighing me down for years. I am now living a happy, bold, and fulfilled life that I control! We now deal with more fun topics like goal setting (both personal and professional) where I have found Rhonda to be exceedingly perceptive, practical, and quick to challenge when she hears me falling back into old habits. She is a real asset to my professional direction, I credit her for a recent, and nearly seamless, career transition.

Jennifer Oberle
Store Director - Old Navy Flagship
New York, NY



I have known and worked with Rhonda in a professional capacity for over 14 years. We first met when we worked together at Yahoo! Australia during a difficult company merger. Being relatively new to executive leadership, Rhonda encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and expand my leadership skills to accelerate the integration of an entire new team and two diverse cultures to help drive the companies goals. Her advice and guidance was invaluable to me.  13 years later and now crossing paths in Dallas, Rhonda has been fundamental in helping me navigate and build the culture at my e-commerce start up, The Tot.

Our rapid team growth was resulting in significant growing pains typical to start-ups in our phase. Balancing the creation of a new brand with aggressive revenue growth we really needed help in establishing a culture with so much market uncertainty.Rhonda came in to help us during this transition.  She gathered feedback from the team to learn what was working and what wasn’t. The team felt comfortable immediately to share with her their thoughts on what could be improved and the issues that they felt strongly about. Although confronting at first, having this insight enabled me to make some immediate changes that resulted in very positive improvements to team morale. Through a team workshop led by Rhonda we were also able to identify our core team values and put new practices in place to further strengthen our culture. Rhonda knows how to work with people at all levels. She brings compassion with a smart business mind and is able to understand business pressures very quickly, no matter the industry.  She will push and challenge when required yet brings a calmness to emotional and intense situations. I credit Rhonda with a lot of our company early success.

Kathy Kipriotis
CEO, The Tot
Dallas Texas